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Month: October 2015

Create an app for your restaurant

Create an app for your restaurant

It’s pretty mortifying when you forget to eat a thorough breakfast and your stomach ends up making noises that sound like a whale’s cry, breaking the pin-drop silent atmosphere while you’re at work or in class.

Instead of picking up your phone to scroll through pictures of food, don’t you think it would be a better idea to use an app to actually get some food?

If you create a mobile application for your restaurant, you will be able to cater (no pun intended) to this problem that the public faces.

You will be able to develop marketing channels, increase customers and more without spending a fortune.

So, what features should your app have?

Loyalty services

With this feature, there will be no need for customers to need to dig through their wallets for discount cards. Instead, they’ll be able to use their phones to get special deals!
The restaurant will also not need to physically keep track of such things, as it will all be done via phones.

With the use of some sort of code, the enterprise can record a certain purchase, and the customer will be notified when they have spent enough to receive loyalty services.

Send notifications

These can help you easily update customers on deals and news about your restaurant. Just post short, eye-catching statuses about the restaurant and these will appear on the customers’ smartphones.
Coupons by location tracking

Once upon a time, people were employed to go on the streets and advertise. Now, however, you can use your application to inform all customers within a certain range about any offers or special events so that they can come by.

In addition to this, your customers will be able to ‘check in’ when they are at the restaurant, which attracts more people. You can offer rewards for customers that check in to promote your restaurant even more.

Digital menu

Having a menu on one’s smartphone is a huge plus. You can sit at home and decide what to ask your friend to bring for you without them having to describe the entire menu over a phone call.
This, in turn, will increase your customers due to the ease of ordering.

Ordering food on your app

To end sudden bouts of hunger, customers should be able to order and pay directly from the app.
In-app ordering should allow customers to immediately place an order that will be sent to the kitchen, and should also provide an ‘order history’ to make it easy to re-order things customers may have previously gotten.

Reserving tables

Customers should be able easily to reserve seats with their app. Knowing that they won’t have to spend hours waiting for a table will definitely encourage more people to come to your restaurant.


Lastly, use the application to gain internet fame by asking customers to make a referral to their social media accounts about how they liked your business.

In addition to that, customers should be able to call the business through the app for questions or comments, and the app should also be able to synchronize with the mobile phone to provide directions to the restaurant, if necessary.

All in all, in this age of technology, an app for your business is a must. If you want your restaurant to flourish, spend some time creating a state of the art application with all the features listed above, and you will rise way above competitors.

Go and get started!

The mobile revolution is here.


Only a few days ago the mobile world was hit by a revolution. I was reading through the google developers G+ and this information shoot out at me “App Indexing” for iOS9. That’s right google will now be indexing iOS apps in their search engine. What a game changer, for years here at app-developers we have believed in apps and this really will make a huge difference.

“If you set up your iOS app for app indexing, you’ll start seeing your app content in Safari on iOS at the end of October” – Mariya Moeva announced on her G+ timeline.

Imagine the power of being able to search for a local restaurant that sells curry on a Friday night and finding their mobile app in the search engine. Instead of going to the site and never seeing the customer again. Your client downloads your app to their mobile phone where they can find directions, stock their loyalty card, even pay for their food in-app and once they have left they will get push notification updates and still easily find your icon on their smartphone home screen. The power of apps just got bigger.

It no longer matters if you are a small niche blog, if your app is indexed for the right keywords people will naturally install your app, increasing your potential of daily reach and loyalty. This is a major step forward for the future of apps and mobile marketing.

So how is it done? It’s pretty simple.

  • Integrate the app indexing to your app
  • Create a website that corresponds to your apps’ content
  • Connect everything together and verify
  • Voilà and your all set to go!

Of course here at app-developers we will be integrating a solution for WordApp.

Thanks to the power of WordPress and our plugin your apps now can have the power of all the big names. Create mobile apps that sync with your website. Here at app-developers our aim is to bring mobile apps to people who want the flexibility of wordpress but don’t have the time or the budget to create a mobile app. We want to bring mobile apps to people who know how to install a plugin but have never written a line of code in their lives. And last of all we really hate coping and pasting the same content between 2 CMS systems, so why not keep both your wordpress website and app under the same hat.

Whether you are small business that wants to extend your reach or a web entrepreneur creating the next facebook app. WordPress’s backbone structure and 50,000+ plugins can help you to build your business and our free plugin can convert this in to an app.

App indexing is going to be the next revolution in mobile marketing. At last apps have a real way of getting visibility outside of the Appstore.  Don’t miss out!

Download our free wordpress mobile plugin





10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Mobile Apps

Marc Andreessen, the co-founder of Netscape and venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz loves to make bold predictions. In 2011, he declared that “software was eating the world” and putting a lot of traditional businesses such as travel agencies and newspapers out of business. In 2012, he boldly predicted the rise of business services such as cloud computing. In 2013, Andreessen is predicting that cheap ($50) smartphones would connect the world and change ecommerce forever. Andreessen’s premise is that smartphone prices at $50 will be able to connect another three billion consumers to the internet and usher in a new wave of ecommerce. The life blood of mobile ecommerce is mobile apps. Mobile apps are what make smartphones smart. So if you are a small business owner, smartphones should be a critical part of your overall marketing strategy.

Breakfast in ParisBelow are 10 reasons small businesses are going to need mobile apps.

1. Cheap Smartphones

As mentioned above, the price of smartphones are coming down very quickly. As the price of smartphones decline, more people throughout the world will have smartphones. In order to connect with these smartphone users, you will need a mobile app. Your mobile app will be your calling card and gateway to these small businesses.

2. Mobile Notification Services

Mobile notification services let you contact your consumers via their smartphone based on specific criteria such as the time of the day, day of the week, a benchmark achieved, location, etc. The world is becoming busier and more hectic every day. Consumers are having a difficult time keeping track of their schedules. Mobile notification apps will give you as the small business owner the ability to direct consumers towards your small business on a regular basis. Mobile notification technology is improving every day and you now have the ability to push coupons to your consumers when they are close to your business and remind them of sales and special events.

3. QR Codes

QR Codes are digital design patterns that can be read by a mobile phone. When a smartphone reads these QR Code patterned, the smartphone is redirected to websites, coupon offers, videos or mobile apps. QR Codes are great marketing tools for small businesses because they let small businesses market to consumers using their traditional print marketing materials. For example, suppose you are a restaurant owner and have just created a flyer for a new dinner special. You can put a QR Code on the flyer so smartphone users can scan the QR Code and be directed to a video showing the chef cooking the dinner special. QR Codes are very powerful marketing tools.

4. Reservations

Mobile apps will empower customers to make reservations using their smartphones. This will enable small business owners to better serve their customers and connect with them in a more direct and powerful way. Reservations for mobile apps can be made for dinner, movies, spas, plays, nightclubs, etc. The ability for consumers to make mobiles reservations is a powerful tool for small businesses.

5. Mobile Coupons

Mobile apps allow small business owners to serve mobile coupons to its customers based on time of day, day of the week, a benchmark achieved within the mobile app or based on the customer’s location. Serving mobile coupons to potential customers can attract a significant amount of new business for small businesses.

6. Maps and Directions

If you are a small business, one of the most important questions you must always ask is can your customers easily find you? A mobile app can solve this problem by providing the consumer with directions and maps to your business. Small business owners can even link their address to popular mapping services such as Google Maps or Apple Maps within their mobile app.

7. Contest and Rewards Programs

Small business owners can use mobile apps to launch contests designed to promote their small businesses and to attract new paying customers. These contests and games can be administered within the mobile app. Small business owners can also use mobile apps to offer rewards to their loyal customers. This is a very powerful tool for small business owners. Loyal customers can earn reward points when they visit the small business, make new purchases and complete surveys and reviews of the small business. This is an excellent way to engage and connect with existing customers and this is a great way to build future customer loyalty.

8. Small Business Events

Small business owners can use mobile apps to promote and manage their promotional events. They can use push notifications within their mobile apps to let their customers know about their events. They can also setup event reminders and directions to their events within their mobile app. Promoting and managing events within mobile apps is an excellent tool for small business owners.

9. Social Media Management

A significant amount of social media users use their social media assets on their smartphones. Mobile apps can help customers socially connect with small businesses within the small business’ mobile app. Small business owners can ask users to share their small business content with Facebook and Twitter connections, refer new customers to the small business and to post comments and reviews about the small business within Facebook posts and twitter feeds.

10. Mobile Customer Service

Mobile customer service will be the standard for customer service in the future. Mobile customer service includes mobile phone calls, text messages, mobile chat and mobile support content. Small businesses that embrace mobile customer service will be able to better connect with their customers and communicate with them the way they want to be communicated with. Many large corporations are quickly moving toward mobile customer service and it is imperative that small business embrace mobile customer service now.

The Bottom Line

Small business owners need mobile apps now more than ever before. More and more consumers will have access to smartphones in the future which will almost make having a mobile app a necessity for small business owners. It is imperative that small business owners embrace technology and service its customers in this new and ever changing technology paradigm. Small business owners that embrace mobile technology will reap the benefits in the way of new and happier customers.


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